Sunday, February 28, 2016


                       WHAT IS YOUR FUTURE ?

    It is time for the People to take back control of the Government. Little by little, the Government is taking away the Freedom and Liberty protected by the Constitution. But the Constitution is just another piece of paper. The People must stand up for their Rights and Liberties.
    The Government is taking away Privacy Rights for supposed security reasons. Yet our Privacy Rights are security issues that the Government is supposed to protect. In this sense, the Government is completing the agenda of the enemies of Freedom and Liberty. The Government then becomes the Terrorist. Freedom and Liberty cannot be supported by a Government that takes away Freedom and Liberty.

                                        THE NATIONAL DEBT

    There is no way the National Debt will ever be paid. During the Obama years, the Government has been on the verge of shut-down. As a result, Congress had to raise the debt ceiling several times, to borrow money to kept the Government operational. The revenue from Taxes is not even enough to pay for the Government's operating expenses. Each time a budget is approved, the budget is larger than revenue from Taxes.

                                            THE  CREDIT DEBT ECONOMY

    Now the Republican idea to reduce taxes will put the Government into more debt. But the Democrats want to increase Government spending which will result in more taxes, and yet the Government goes even further into debt.
    The idea of reducing taxes expects that there will be more money for the private sector to spend, and thus, the economy will have more cash flow. But any cash flow is immediately sucked out of the economy by Big Business and the Wealthy Class. The Rich are getting Richer.
    And the money People have to spend does not meet their current needs. So the People have to rely on credit and go further into debt just to pay for day-to-day expenses.
    During the Obama years, the Federal Reserve has reduced its interest rate to almost zero. As a result, Banks can get money cheap and pay even less interest on savings deposits. This was a move to force People with savings to put their money into Wall Street stock investments. So the Obama years show a false come-back in the economy.
    During the Obama years, the EPA has attacked carbon emissions energy use. This increase in costs has caused coal to be expensive. Companies are going bankrupt, and People are losing jobs. The result for the economy is much less money being spent, and more debt being discharged in bankruptcy.
    While drilling for oil cranked-up, the resulting supply and demand issues caused oil prices to drop significantly. But with low gas prices, driving increased, there was more money to spend in the economy, and new car and truck sales went up. But Obama's war on supposed Global Warming wants to punish oil production with an increased penalty tax, and a significant increase in the cost of gas. This wipes out any economic benefit, and punishes oil production.
    The Republican support of Big Business has allowed U.S. Manufactures to move jobs to foreign countries where labor costs are very low. The supposed benefit is reduced costs for goods re-introduced into the United States' economy. But in actuality, the benefit is more profits for Big Business, and now these Big Businesses do not have to pay income taxes on foreign based manufacturing, and the foreign labor also do not pay income taxes to the United States. The Industrial America is being shipped out of the United States.


    It is Big Business and the Wealthy Class that lobby Congress and donate large amounts of money to Political Campaigns and Super PACS. The Government is run by the Rich Wealthy Class and Big Business. When the United States collapses, the few Wealthy Persons will run Government exclusively, acting as Tyrants.


        It is time for the People to take back control of the Government, before it is too late.





Saturday, February 20, 2016


                        TRUMP IS A CHRISTIAN ?

    In the Bible Jesus said: "Love your Neighbor as yourself."  Mexico is our neighbor and building a wall to separate the United States from Mexico may not be loving our neighbor as yourself.
    Trump is a very rich man. In Mark 10:17-27 and Luke 18:22-25 Jesus told the rich man:  "One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, and come take up the cross and follow me."
    This is a very difficult area for Trump as he claims to be a Christian.

                               TRUMP A PUBLIC SERVANT ?    

    Trump has enjoyed his life being the Boss, and he shows no calling to be a Public Servant. Rather, Trump seems to be managing his campaign for President as a Tyrant.

                                              THE ART OF THE DEAL ?      



Saturday, February 13, 2016

TO FIGHT TERRORISM - Is there One God, many Gods, or no God ?

TO FIGHT TERRORISM - Is there One God, many Gods, or no God ?

    The several Theocratic Governments believe that God is the head of State, and their leaders are divinely inspired. Iran is one of these Theocracies.
    The Islam extremist-terrorists, ISIS and ISIL are theocratic, and believe they are doing the will of God.
    Some people believe that the Islam extremist is brainwashing followers to the belief that they are acting under Commands of God to commit terrorism. To combat this, the United States should search for the answer to the question - Is there One God, many Gods, or no God ?
    Scientists now claim to have identified gravitational waives in space, supposedly created by Black Holes in the Universe. However, Scientists fail to explain the cause of existence, or the cause of motion.  Why do things exist ?  What is the force that put things in motion ?
    As we know, things are in motion.  What is the force that put things in motion ?
    As we know, to push an object into motion, you must push from a fixed object. And to pull an object into motion, you  must be tied to a fixed object.
    And it takes energy to exert a push or pull. And since there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action, these fixed points from which a push or a pull is exerted, must necessarily also move in reaction, so that they are not truly fixed objects.
    But gravity pulls objects together without any expenditure of energy. So things are suspended in space, and in motion only in relationship to other things, and their movements are altered by the gravitational pull of other objects in relation to mass and distance.
    There is no fixed outer shell to the Universe, and there is no fixed point or absolute center of the Universe. So man uses himself as the datum point for measurement of all other things. In this sense, man defines the abstract existence or non-existence of God. This makes God a creation of man within the mind of man. But the Atheist does the same thing, but refuses to investigate the existence of God.
    This is an issue that must be resolved, and the question answered :  Is there One God, many Gods, or no God ?

Saturday, February 6, 2016



    After lifting the ban on exporting oil, now Obama wants to issue a $10.00 a barrel penalty for producing oil. The revenue from the penalty will be used to reduce and eliminate the market for oil.
    This $10.00 a barrel penalty makes it impossible for American oil to be competitive on the world market. Now Iran will take the United States' share of the world exporting market.
    Obama further wants to punish the American People for driving their cars and trucks. Transportation costs to get to work will reduce effective income. Transportation costs to go shopping will increase the effective cost of things. Transportation of goods will also increase the cost of things. Now the value of the dollar will go down.
    Obama wants to punish Auto producers and workers, because car sales are up because of the low cost of gas. Under Obama people are not supposed to buy cars and trucks and drive them.
    While the oil industry is in trouble, Obama proposes to attack the oil industry with intent to wipe out the existence of the oil industry.
    All of this is to further Obama's war on supposed Global warming, in spite of the fact that the glaciers have been melting since the end of the Ice Age.
    Why do the American People put up with this Obama nut case ?