Saturday, February 6, 2016



    After lifting the ban on exporting oil, now Obama wants to issue a $10.00 a barrel penalty for producing oil. The revenue from the penalty will be used to reduce and eliminate the market for oil.
    This $10.00 a barrel penalty makes it impossible for American oil to be competitive on the world market. Now Iran will take the United States' share of the world exporting market.
    Obama further wants to punish the American People for driving their cars and trucks. Transportation costs to get to work will reduce effective income. Transportation costs to go shopping will increase the effective cost of things. Transportation of goods will also increase the cost of things. Now the value of the dollar will go down.
    Obama wants to punish Auto producers and workers, because car sales are up because of the low cost of gas. Under Obama people are not supposed to buy cars and trucks and drive them.
    While the oil industry is in trouble, Obama proposes to attack the oil industry with intent to wipe out the existence of the oil industry.
    All of this is to further Obama's war on supposed Global warming, in spite of the fact that the glaciers have been melting since the end of the Ice Age.
    Why do the American People put up with this Obama nut case ?


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